Markus Olavi Hietanen

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Name: Markus Olavi Hietanen
Nationality: Finnish
Age: 35
Currently living in: Mexico City, Mexico


You came here for the story? ..OK

I escaped Finland to avoid going to jail back in 2012.

Cops caught me driving drunk from a Christmas party.
And that was my second time DUI…

I was laying on the concrete cell floor at the police station, thinking about my life.
Everything was going to hell, and I hated my situation.

Hell with it! If I hate living in Finland, why would I stay here?

In that moment I firmly decided to get out of the country as fast as possible. 

On January 14th I landed in Malta, not knowing if I had a job or not.
The gamble paid off and I got the job I had interviewed for the week before.

Soon after the call came  while I was working.
That I would have to go back. To serve a prison sentence for 2 months. 

I knew I would rather die. 

That’s when my life abroad started. 


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Marketing Specialist 2016 - Current

Scriiv, Location: Finland
Personal Branding, Web design, UX and SEO, Ad & Content Creative, Copywriting, Graphic design, Video/Audio editing, SMM and GBP optimization.

Showcase: Salvo Grima

SEO Copywriter - Freelancer 2015 - 2020

Bluewindow LTD, Location: Malta
Copy and content writing for iGaming affiliate networks, with serious emphasis on cutting-edge greyhat SEO, utilizing semantic tools to compete in one of the fiercest online markets.

Superhero skill I developed: I can type on keyboard with my eyes closed.

Team Leader - Fraud Specialist 2012 - 2015

BESEDO LTD, Location: Malta
Leading a team of 10 agents reviewing online marketplace frauds and compliance. Working with Finnish Police regularly to track serial online scammers.

Detail: I personally reviewed 1,1 million ads during my assignment.

Graphic Designer - Teacher 2006 - 2011

Sastamala Education Consortium, Adult education, Location: Finland
AD, Copy, Web design, Print media, MS Office & Adobe PS/AI teacher

Best memory: Designing menus for the restaurant earned me free lunches.

Fun Fact: My first job ever was a summer job in a local toy store. I got fired after the first week when I beat the owner’s HIGH SCORE in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. That was back in 2002.


Sound Engineer (BA) 2006 - 2012

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Location: Finland
Digital Audio and Commercial Music

Music: Playing and creating music is great. Where the money?

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Tongue of my mother 100%
Oy mate! Whatsya yappin' about? 98%
Ya salio el peine! 44%
Tudo bem, cara? 42%
Jag kan tala svenska... 30%
Zwei Jahre im Schule 20%
Bien sûr 18%
Nani? 10%

Additionally, I have learned some Italian, Maltese and Hungarian as well. Use it or lose it!

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